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Global Conference for Humanitarian Relief

In 2009 a group of likeminded professionals established the Humanitarian Sustainability Initiative - a team centered approach to address entrenched humanitarian crises with sustainable solutions. Teams of professionals partner with projects, programs, and organizations to accomplish vital work in Haiti, Detroit, and other communities within the United States and abroad to achieve self-sustainability.

As part of this initiative the Haiti Economic Development and Viability

Group was established.

On June 17-18, 2013 we will host our first online conference where psychologists, social workers, and other professionals involved in communities in crises can share expertise with Humanitarian organizations, community groups, and others, both national and international.

The purpose of the conference is three-fold.

To share successful humanitarian interventions and information on the people and communities working with these interventions

Establish a network across the dimensions of the 5 Pillars of concern within the Humanitarian Sustainability Initiative (Humanitarian; Sustainable Lifestyle; Human Rights; Infrastructure Development; Economic Development) in which people can align themselves as teams to share the results of their work regarding similar communities

Establish an ongoing venue through which professionals can share sustainable humanitarian interventions on a regular basis with communities in need

This is an opportunity to record your presentation or share it LIVE with business, community, political and religious leaders and other professionals within several or more principal areas of interest to the Humanitarian Sustainability Initiative: Appalachia, California, Detroit Michigan and Greensboro North Carolina, Hawaii, Haiti, Navajo Nation (includes parts of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah).

As a professional you can submit a proposal to present LIVE or recorded information from your own area(s) of expertise and experience regarding humanitarian intervention as it pertains to one or more of the five pillars.

We would welcome your involvement with both leading and/or participating in discussions, team project development, and shared analysis of current on the ground interventions in communities in crisis.

In addition, you can provide details of your expertise, operations, and products through posting a journal description of your skills, research, on the ground interventions, efforts, and action plans for immediate applications.

This will allow other professionals and programs to identify and align with your interest, experiences and expertise, and make contact.

Please submit by email a description of your presentation (no more than 250 words) or brief Journal (2-3 pages in length) to Brian C. Alston ([email protected]) by June 01, 2013.

Steven E. Handwerker PhD., D.Div.

Founder and Chairperson for International Association for the Advancement of Human Welfare, Inc.

Professional and Scientific Board Member for the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress (National Center for Crisis Management - A Division of Homeland Security)

Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator

Founder and Chair for Peace and Spirituality Working Group/Div 48

APA Member, Member Divisions 32, 36, 48, 52

Licensed Psychologist in NY, FL, and SD

PO Box 880229

Boca Raton, FL 33488-0229


[email protected]

Brian C. Alston, STM, MA.

Humanitarian Sustainability Initiative

General Secretary

APAGS Member American Psychological Association

APAGS Member Division 19 Military Psychology

APAGS Member Division 36 Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality

APAGS Member Division 38 Health Psychology

(808) 217-1831

[email protected]