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Please Join us at our next Sustainable 2012!

ND Enterprises LLC is a provider of pioneering work in education and training (Relationship Literacy, Neurotheology), and creative conflict resolution (Visions in conflict). One of the major conflicts we have today is between people who believe environmental issues should be immediate concerns of everyone and others who believe the case concerning environmental concerns is overstated if not exaggerated. Our role is not to take either of these positions. We suggest that when it comes to environmental sustainability whether in Hawaii or other places in the United States we can do better.

We started Green Hawaii Conferences as a way to encourage dialogue and collaboration among residents of Hawaii and the Mainland about green projects and ideas within and across industries like Education and Faith Communities, Health and Medical industries, and the professions of Law and Accounting. Our conferences involve both education through presentations by local green experts and authentic Hawaiian cultural educators, and exploration of the plentiful green venues of the Hawaiian Islands through eco-tourism.

As we see it an industry is like Ohana (family), and the best way to encourage Ohana is to bring people together, and provide ways to sustain communication.

Rich in natural resources Hawaii is ideally suited to host green conferences. With pristine ocean, year round trade winds and sunlight, and a strong and growing cadre of green vendors in all economic sectors such as agriculture, culture, education, health and wellness, nature and technology Hawaii is the most probable place to showcase and encourage US interest in a sustainable economy.

Hawaii’s natural, physical, cultural, and human resources will help support America’s transition to a vital and sustainable economy while providing a unique, memorable and enriching visitor experience.


Kauai, Hawaii

Mailing address:

PO Box 3170

Lihue, HI 96766