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Green Youth Initiatives

$7,000.00 and Counting

Kapaa Elementary School’s

PTSA Recycle Program

We started our program at the end of the school year

2009. Since then we have raised over $7,000.00.

How it’s done:

Every 6-7 weeks we hold our HI5 Friday Drive 7-9am

on the school campus. We tell the students/families about a

week ahead during morning announcements, send home a

flyer and display the date on the schools marque.

Parents and students drop off their HI5 in the morning

on our upper campus, and we provide donuts and

donated coffee from Starbucks. The items are placed

in labeled piles with their teachers’ name. The

class with the biggest pile wins a class party (ice cream

sundaes, pizza, Happy Meals etc). The prize is always announced early for motivation.

We take all collected HI5 items that day to the Reynolds Redemption center on Kawaihau Rd. They give us a check

that day which is deposited into our PTSA account. In

addition, we received an old Matson container that is

located on our upper campus. This helps usto store:

recycle county blue bins, daily donated items, supplies etc.

The families, teachers and administration, PTSA board members and volunteers, including student council have

been very enthusiastic making this recycling project a

great success!

Please contact Marti Nice (808) 652-4364 or

(808) 821-1313


Fundraising for Non-profits

The “HI-5 RECYCLING BIN Program” (HI-5 Bin) has

been developed by the County of Kauai to allow schools

and non-profit organizations to institute year round HI-5 recycling programs at their facilities with the use of County

of Kauai issued HI-5 Bins. 

HI-5 Bins have been provided through a grant from the

State Department of Health (DOH) from funds generated

by the Bottle Deposit Law. All bins distributed for this

program must be used to collect HI-5 deposit containers

only. Organizations that wish to receive HI-5 Bins must complete an application and track items they recycle. 

Organizations are responsible for storing and securing the

bins themselves. Kaua‘i County is not liable for any

personal or property damages associated with the

placement or use of the HI-5 Recycling Bins. Bins are

available on a first-come, first-served basis. All

proceeds from the HI-5 items may be used to benefit

the organization. Currently, there are 21 schools and

non-profits participating in this program. Please contact

the Kauai County Recycling Office to enroll your

school, church or nonprofit organization.

Contact Jeannie Yoshida Phone: (808) 241-5120 Email:[email protected]or Mele Kaui Phone

(808) 241-5112 Email: [email protected]

National Tropical Botanical Garden

National Tropical Botanical Garden’s Kōkua`Āina

Youth Initiative is a collaboration with the Hawai‘i

Community Foundation’s Youth Matters Network,

designed to provide a “green collar” career pathway

experience to participating Kaua‘i high school students.

A main programmatic aim is to empower local students

(ages 14-19) to discover career options within the fields

of horticulture/agriculture, conservation, small business, community development/social entrepreneurship, and

traditional Hawaiian knowledge. Participants learn how

to navigate today’s competitive job market, and the

nuances of successful interview preparation. CALL

NOW to connect interested youth to this important


Contact Cherisse Kent, Environmental Educator Phone:

(808) 332-7324 ext 253 Email: [email protected]

Art Reveals Truth (A.R.T.) Wall Project

A.R.T. Center Kauai's latest venture: A.R.T. Wall

Project (IE Wall Project), is committed to constructing

several masonry walls specifically for use by the youth

& local communities for development of legal, creative,

& positive means of artistic expression.

A.R.T. Walls will be constructed by the City &

County of Kauai with the support of Director Leonard

Rapozo, Kauai Police Department's Captain Mike

Contrades & Sargeant Rod Green, Parks & Recreation Department, & Kauai Skate Ohana dedicated to achieving

the goal of educating the youth & the community about

the art form of “Writing” & inspiring them to do more

for the future of Kauai with both Eco-consciousness

& social-sustainability. Ken “East3” Nishimura, A.R.T.

Center Kauai Director's vision is to gain the support

of the communities to build a foundation that benefits

the people; especially the youth, while discouraging

vandalism, littering, drugs & alcohol & promoting

continued upkeep of communal areas, drug-free

environments, local organic farmers, & over-all

positive awareness.

Currently, the program is building the model for it's

project with three major A.R.T. Walls being constructed

in Kapa'a's local skate park, in likeness to Venice Beach's “Skate & Art Project” (

which has already been proven effective: 1) “Beginner

Wall,” 2) “Advanced Wall” & 3) “Community Wall”

with the help of “East3,” specifically using the art form

of “Writing” as a progressive & positive outlet for

everyone involved. The A.R.T. Center Kauai & it's

supporters hope to provide a model for every future

& current skate park in the cities & communities on

Kauai & on the neighboring Hawaiian Islands.

Contact: Ken “East3” Nishimura Phone: (808) 206-0345

Email: [email protected]

Green Careers in Agriculture and Aquaponics

The Pacific American Foundation (PAF) is working

with Middle School students to accomplish Science,

Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) projects

that involve Agriculture and Aquaponics.

This summer Team Imi Naauao did research on Agricultural History in Hawaii. Topics included Agriculture, Seed and

Plant Structures, Photosynthesis, and Ecosystems. From

these topics, students chose two topics and created either a poster or pamphlet for each topic.  

Before lunch students visited the Kauai Community

College Farmer's Market to interview the vendors.

They asked questions and learned about what it takes

to farm and produce products on Kauai. After lunch

students visited a local owner of a Hybrid Aquaculture

and Hydroponics system for assistance to build their own

Aquaponics system at Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School.

Teacher Mr. Justin Carvalho hopes other schools and

programs will follow their lead and create Aquaponics

systems with their youth. Aquaponics is a sustainable

practice to grow fish. For example please view this video

on Fish Farming in Haiti on our website (

Fish Farming is a viable business opportunity for youth

and adults!

The group meets after school at Chiefess Middle School.

Please contact Justin for information on this important

project involving food sustainability and security.

Contact Justin Carvalho Email: [email protected]

Learn Through Creativity

A.R.T. Center Kauai's latest concept: speaking to the youth

with the language of Hip Hop Culture (i.e. The Culture), is already breaking barriers at workshops set up at the A.R.T. Youth Centerin Kapa'a with expressions of education in the form of “Break'n,” “Writing”/Aerosol Art, DJ'n, & Emcee'n.

The Culture is not only backed by reputable references

within the International Hip Hop music community; it is

also supportive of & works hand-in-hand with educational systems already implemented locally & around the world

with linear messages of general education,

Eco-consciousness, local- & global-sustainability, drug-

& alcohol-free communities, safe sex, & overall positive, creative, & progressive awareness. Ken “East3” Nishimura, A.R.T. is already motivating local youth's interest &

passion towards The Culture with class curriculums & workshops, but shares a vision with supporters of a

system that can be emulated throughout Kauai, Hawai'i, & possibly worldwide; with informational pamphlets,

standardized educational curriculums, & visual aspects

such as Hip Hop Art & illustrations, typography,

photography, & large scale community-embraced


Contact: Ken “East3” Nishimura Phone: (808) 206-0345

Email: [email protected]

Train Youth as Energy Auditors

Blue Planet will work with Hawai‘i’s leading innovators

in clean energy to develop an effective infrastructure for engaging Hawai‘i businesses, residents and organizations in energy conservation and green workforce development. Students will be trained in educational energy assessments

that serve as entry-level introductions to energy concepts,

use, areas of potential savings, and importance in Hawai‘i.

Each assessment will also provide classroom and on-the-job

training for student trainees to learn the basics of energy

assessments. The objective is not only to achieve tangible energy savings for the participating businesses, community members or organizations, but also to create

a pool of passionate, experienced, and skilled individuals

for higher-level training and employment to advance

Hawai‘i’s clean energy future. Sign up your youth Now!

Contact Ivory McClintock Email: [email protected]

No Opala Project

One of A.R.T. Center Kauai's latest programs: The “No

Opala Project” (IE No Opala), which literally means “no

trash;” will be making voluminous waves in Kauai by

taking refuse found on local beaches retrieved by current

& future beach clean-up organizations & helping the youth

to design & create publicly displayed art pieces & sculptures

that create awareness about the dangers of ocean pollution

& littering & the importance of local-sustainability,

recycling, & efficient waste management practices.

The Hawaiian “Honu” or turtle, a symbol of longevity,

peace, good luck, humility, & the spirit within, is one

of many species on the local endangered list & the ideal candidate for A.R.T. Center Kauai's first image to restore consciousness about these environmental issues, as the

turtle is a frequent victim of plastic bags, bottles, & other garbage that they mistake for their favorite food: jellyfish.

Ken “East3” Nishimura, believes that the trash medium displayed at such public places as Lihue Airport, combined

with community & youth involvement, can expose all

incoming visitors as well as remind our local residents to

the real problems affecting Kauai, Hawai'i & the planet

today. A.R.T. Center Kauai & No Opala supporters are currently developing a thorough approach that communities

in other demographics around the island, state, & world can follow.

Contact: Ken “East3” Nishimura Phone: (808) 206-0345

Email: [email protected]

Music & Dance with a Message

A.R.T. Center Kauai's recent endeavor is all about speaking

to the youth with the language of reputable Hip Hop music

& dance in order to create awareness about the most

important messages of our time in regards to social, environmental, & sustainability concerns.

The A.R.T. Youth Center in Kapa'a is currently using

expressions of education in the form of “Break'n,” “Writing”/Aerosol Art, DJ'n, & Emcee'n in their workshops

& curriculums & would like to extend their message to all youths & communities in Kauai by organizing dance events, performances, & competitions that involve everyone; young

& old in the community. Ken “East3” Nishimura & Paul “Paulskee” Ruma are determined to creatively educate the youth on such issues in the Hip Hop format well-received

by the young generations in order to utilize the progressive minds of all in order to create a foundation for a better tomorrow for Kauai, Hawai'i & the world.

The “Music & Dance with a Message Project” is not

only backed by positive artists within the International Hip

Hop music community; it is also supportive of & works

hand-in-hand with educational systems already

implemented locally & around the world with linear

messages of general education, Eco-consciousness,

local- & global-sustainability, drug- & alcohol-free

communities, safe sex, & overall positive, creative, & progressive awareness. A.R.T. Center Kauai & it's

supporters intend to utilize this to embrace the positive

efforts of individuals, businesses & organizations that

are contributing to a healthy local environment,

society, & economy in order to create a system that can

be easily emulated & implemented across all demographics locally & worldwide.

Contact: Ken “East3” Nishimura Phone: (808) 206-0345

Email: [email protected] or Paul “Paulskee”

Ruma Email: [email protected]


Honua Lani Gardens in Kapaa, Hawaii offers workshops, retreats, and tours of their five acre sustainable gardens to

youth groups and school groups, and others. They

organize gardening classes and trainings on building soil

through composting while discussing ways to support a sustainable garden and lifestyle. Call now to schedule

time for your family or program to participate in their


Contact Jai Roberts Phone: (808) 651-5491 Email: [email protected]