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Haiti Article Contributions

We are developing an article to share

the experiences, programs, research and data of professionals (Psychologists, Social Workers, Architects, etc.) doing humanitarian work in Haiti.

We would value having a contribution from you to bring greater visibility to the programs and services, and/or research you offer with respect to Haiti.

Please email us a 2-3 page summary

that includes the following:

1. Abstract describing your NGO (nongovernment organization) or research program or humanitarian outreach service or activities, to include time, place, population, and circumstance/context where offered

2. Methodology

3. Discussion of findings/results

We desire to publish information on humanitarian initiatives across a broad spectrum of areas that intersect.

We focus on supporting and bringing greater visibility to creative sustainable interventions in 5 domains or Pillars: Humanitarian intervention, Economic development, infrastructure supports, Sustainable solutions, and Human rights issues.

 For more information please contact

Steven E. Handwerker PhD., D.Div.

[email protected]

Brian C. Alston STM, MA.

[email protected]

New Model of Green Architecture

for Haiti

Ing. Marcel Susko. Dip. Perm. Des.

Lifesprings International Association - Haiti

E-mail: [email protected]

Lessons for progress to achieve sustainability for local communities

in developing countries