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Online Conferences (2012-13)

Mobility in a Sustainable Community

October 25-27, 2012

Cities are changing their design to accommodate different

modes of transportation such as walkers, bikers, and parents’ with strollers. Increasingly, mobility is seen as a life style that impacts all facets of human infrastructure. This online conference will address the wide range of ways communities

are utilizing sustainable design and technologies to improve human mobility in natural ways, and the myriad transportation technologies in use such as electric scooters and cars, buses

and trams powered by solar and hydrogen gas. 

Sustainable Health

Dec 1-3, 2012

There are growing disparities in health in various segments

of the US and Hawaii population particularly between our

youth of the past and our youth of the present. With a range

of presentations on obesity, diabetes, and suicidality, this

online conference will take a special look at particular assaults on physical and emotional health, possible causes, and prevention methodologies.