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School Educational Resources

School to School Recycling Collaborative

In 2013 we received a small grant from the County of Kauai Recycling

Office to develop communication among schools in Hawaii about

recycling initiatives. As a result, we collected information on dozens

of recycling projects and programs at schools located on all the

Hawaiian Islands. 

We are creating an APP for I-phone and Android phones to help students and educators locate and learn about school based recycling initiatives.

In time we hope to expand the information on school initiatives to include

the mainland United States and others parts of the world.

We developed the School to School collaborative to engage schools,

both educators and students as teachers and learners with other schools

in areas of recycling, reducing, and reusing, and agricultural projects.

In 2009 a group of professionals in the United States established the Humanitarian Sustainability Initiative - a team centered approach to

address entrenched humanitarian crises with sustainable solutions.

While using Hawaii as example, teams of professionals’ partner with

projects, programs, and organizations to accomplish vital work in crisis communities like Haiti, and communities within the United States to

achieve sustainability. The School to School Collaborative is one

program under this initiative.

Designed for Grades 1-12 and Adult (Human Life Span)

The Relationship Literacy Program teaches the important role of human relationships to personal and social identity. The program covers the prevention of abuse and violence in relationships, awareness of individual rights and corresponding responsibilities, along with valuable self-management skills, both emotional and behavioral, and concepts, principles, and tools necessary to form healthier relationships. 

The Program uses the experiences and stories of the participants making

it consistent with real life and applicable to all types of relationships. We have used the program with youth and adults in a few different states

around the country, in varying settings; the program is comprehensive, sensitive to social and cultural differences and developmentally

appropriate across the life span.

Developed for High School and College

Visions in conflict addresses conflict resolution strategies used effectively around the world. We have published two books with contributions from

10 difference authors on peacebuilding in Iraq, Rwanda, the Congo,

Serbia, South Africa, and Cyprus among others. Youth are exposed to timeless peacebuilding principles and tools involving sports,

communication, group psychology, and religion, and others.