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Sustainable Ideas

A good deal?

Check out Ethanol and Biodiesel Yields per Acre from

Selected Crops

Could the road to Middle East peace be a shared and interconnected electrical grid that facilitates the addition

of more green energy?

Find out more about the conference covering different techniques of transmitting power within, and among,

the countries of the Mediterranean basin.

President Obama Announces Nearly $4 Billion

Investment in Energy Upgrades to Public and Private


J-PODS versus Rail Transportation

Check out this fascinating Solar Powered Transportation.

As the island of Oahu in Hawaii looks to rail to speed up

the work commute, connect communities faster using less energy and cleaner sources of energy, Can J-PODS (and

other Personal Rapid Transit Networks) alleviate the increasingly crowded roadways on the neighboring

Hawaiian Islands?

Can JPods offer an efficient, green, and environmentally friendly alternative mode of transportation for communities around the world?

 Visit the South Shore Massachusetts JPod Project.

READ more abour it here.

Hydro Power

Many believe that Denmark leads the world in Wind

Power production and the UK leads the world in Marine


Check out different Hydro Technologies harnessing the

power of ocean tides and waves. Energy from waves and Energy from tidal currents

Can Salt Water Produce Energy?

See the latest in hydrogen production using salt water.

"This system could produce hydrogen anyplace that there

is wastewater near sea water," said Bruce E. Logan, Kappe Professor of Environmental Engineering. "It uses no grid electricity and is completely carbon neutral.

It is an inexhaustible source of energy." Learn more about

this here.

Celebrity Green Achievers

An article in The Daily Green highlights “the eco-

achievements of 14 celebrities and what they have

done to earn that moniker and thought we’d share a

few of them here in case you missed it.We’re going

to skip remarking on their looks and the like and

just concentrate on how they walk the talk in their

personal lives and spread green awareness…”

Read all about it!

“Freiburg is a city of 205,000 people that was founded

900 years ago in the wine-growing area of southwest Germany…During World War 2, bombs destroyed

80% of the old city, but most has been rebuilt in a

replica of the old historical style. In the 1970s, the

region of Baden-Württemberg planned to build a nuclear

power plant at Wyhl, just 30 km from Freiburg. There

was a major protest, with widespread civil disobedience,

and in 1975 the plans were defeated. This raised the environmental awareness of many of Freiburg's citizens,

and left a hole in the region's future energy plans. During

this time, Freiburg developed a reputation as Germany's "ecological capital"....”read all about it!


(Property Assessed Clean

Energy Protection Act)

“Republican; Democratic leaders vowed to fix

PACE solar power districts legislatively, together

today. Congressional Representatives Mike

Thompson (D-CA), Nan Hayworth, M.D. (R-NY)

and Dan Lungren (R-CA) acknowledged the rare

bipartisanship given stalemates in the current political

climate smiling at the win-win- win aspects of what

they hope will be a revival of PACE (Property Assessed

Clean Energy Protection Act) Protection Act of 2011.

PACE are energy financing districts in which the

residents vote to impose voluntary taxes on themselves

such that homeowners can pool together money to pay

for the up-front costs of costly solar systems; and then

pay that money back with the savings on their utility

bills to become energy independent, clean, and get to

net zero energy usage.”

Fighting Poverty in Rural Communities

Fish Farming in Haiti - A fish farmer in Haiti enables

hundreds of fish farmers to increase their income, improve

their lives, and rebuild their country. Business-oriented

solutions such as this create jobs and revitalize industry to

create a stronger Haiti that relies less on foreign aid and

more on the enterprise of its people. Please See the Video!


"Want long-lasting cavity protection? A quick squirt of genetically engineered bacteria could do the trick, and

might even safeguard your teeth for life.” Check out

research that may lead to No More Tooth Decay EVER

“At Puna Geothermal Venture, state-of-the-art technology generates power by tapping deep into the heart of the Big

Island of Hawaii—to the vast underground cauldron of Kilauea’s volcanic heat—converting steam into electricity

for Hawaii Island residents.”

This solar powered generator is an Energy Storer, Portable, Simple, and Fast. It stores energy generated from the panel,

and can run almost any household item such as a coffee

maker, computer, television, lights, fans and so on.

“Electricity may be the auto fuel of the future, but a lot remains to be answered about the batteries that house it.”

Here are 5 concerns about electric batteries powering cars and possible ways to mitigate them

Largest Solar Project in Hawaii

Check out the largest Solar Project Now Ready in the State of Hawaii. It is located on the Island of Kauai

Once considered the cocaine capital of the world by some, Bogota Columbia is NOW an EXAMPLE of a Sustainable City. Actor Brad Pitt narrates.

Green Roofs

Green roofs can cool buildings in the summer and insulate in

the winter. How is a Green Roof designed? Explore Green Roofs in Washington DC. Anatomy of a Green Roof

Ever wish you could know what kind of energy was used to make the products you buy? Wind energy is getting its own product label. Check out the new label.

Hawaii is target for South Korean E-Car plant in 2011 and GM is exporting a fleet of Hydrogen cars to Hawaii.

Will residents choose to move closer to energy sustainability?

Beijing architect lives in egg-shaped house on sidewalk. Can this 6ft Green House ease Homelessness in Honolulu?

“The 6-foot-high structure, which is small enough to fit on a sidewalk, is made of bamboo strips, wood chippings, sack bags, and grass seed that’s expected to grow in the spring.

The pod features a solar panel on the roof that powers a lamp in the cozy space. The house cost around $1000 to build (6427 yen) according to China Daily.”

From Haiti, reporter Nicholas D. Kristof discusses toilets that aim to address the sanitation problems that lead to cholera, while also providing fertilizer to help farmers.

Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL) has been running such projects in Haiti since 2006.

100% Energy Independent

Is Samso Island an example for other Nations?

Can Samso Island in Denmark offer a way forward for the Hawaiian Islands? This country sets a new standard for clean energy targets around the world...Samso Island in Denmark is 100 percent renewable energy sustainable.

Can Island States like Hawaii and large cities

like New York City learn tips?

Is this the Way Forward?

“Turning plastic containers, bottle caps, bags, all

plastic waste BACK into usable oil (where it came

from originally), back into gasoline, kerosene, etc.

You have to see this.”

United Nations University shares information on a

Japanese invention that turns Plastic back into the

oil it came from. The sound is all in Japanese, but

the subtitles are in English.